Positioning Puig:
The sustainability program to 2020

Sustainability has established itself in the global risk landscape, and companies that want to survive over time will have to face these challenges and build more efficient, circular and sustainable models.

Puig develops a program from the commitment to the environment and a sustainability conviction born in the DNA of the Company that integrates respect for environment at all stages of value chain.

  • Product Stewardship

    To ensure the sustainability of products and their components without sacrificing the highest quality

  • Sustainable sourcing

    To strengthen supply chain and the relationship with suppliers from sustainability

  • Responsible logistics

    To minimize the environmental impact of product movements from the efficiency and use of better technologies

  • Responsible manufacturing

    To improve the environmental management of productive processes

  • Employees and facilities

    To minimize the facilities impact and the employees environmental footprint

3 foundation programs

Three cross-functional initiatives strengthen the Puig sustainability strategy from the principles of corporate responsibility:

Sustainable Development Goals

Many of the targets set for 2020 have already been achieved. For this reason, in 2017, new actions and targets will be defined for the period 2018-2020. This new approach to strategy 2018-2020 will be developed to achieve sustainability targets, to be more ambitious in over performing ones and to be aligned with global trends.

Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the United Nations in September 2015, reflect the main challenges of today's society with 2030 vision. The development of the Sustainability Strategy and its associated achievements, position Puig as a company committed to sustainability and global challenges, from a broad and inclusive perspective